Janitorial, Food Services, Mail Services, Native American Owned Company



Notes from the Valley of the ITPE Union members employed at Ray Hensman Dining Facility Luke AFB, AZ

We wanted to share with all the ITPE Union members the great things that are going on here at Luke AFB.

In April of 2002 we had a new company take over called Rainbow Brite Industrial Services, LLC out of the Santa Rose Rancheria out of Fresno CA. They have given us a new look with new uniforms which we haven’t had in over 10m years. During the transition we suffered very little cut backs and adjusted fine. WE have over 50 union employees and included in that are nine contingency contracts cooks who replaced our military troops who are deployed.

We work together as a team to get the job done; and because of that, Rainbow Brite has started an employee of the month program to show us their appreciation of our hard work and dedication. For August, it was Hilda Sepulveda. They were given an employee of the month pin with a certificate of appreciation along with their picture taken, name engraved on a plaque and two movie passes.

We have a few people who have been here over a period of years. Merminia Gerahart has been here the longest, 17 years. She is our top seniority person and with just a few days difference, we have Sandra Taylor who has been here for 17 years.

Our Shop Steward is Juliet Fookes. An employee was called and much to our surprise, we had a pizza party after the meeting.

To my dedicated and hardworking crew, thank for the good work. There have been some tough times but you hung in there.